Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What makes a grown man cry?

What makes a grown man cry?

That would be:

While we were rolling down the street the other day... having been on the road long enough for both kids to knock out (after a long day of being stuck at the house)... with the windows down and the music up and just feeling like, This is it! THIS is what we work so hard for during the week... to enjoy THIS!

In this moment Mark and I are talking about random things and on a random occasion he happened to look in the back seat at the perfect moment of a sleepy girl opening her sleepy eyes, seeing that daddy was looking at her so she gave him that pretty girl smile she gives.... hearing the music that was on (salt n peppa) raising an arm to bounce with the beat and bop her little sleepy head for just a few beats until she she couldn't take it anymore and fell right back to sleep!

That.... THAT RIGHT THERE... will make a grown man cry! 

complete and utter cuteness that oozes from his own flesh and blood... the daughter that has him pretty much wrapped around her little fingers! 

While you're here, check out our new family pictures take by tammy stayton photography (that'd be my sister) if you stop by her website tammystaytonphotography.com let her know i sent ya! 

This one we got a 20x20 canvas in... love it!


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