Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boogie Woogie BRAINS

So it's been pretty crazy around the arms household - i have been so busy with my photography side job i dont have time for much else after trying to be a full time legal assistant, a mother to 2 who keep me incredibly busy and then on top of all that i still have to be a wife of SOME SORT! lol yea i have like 2 maybe 3 wifely duties that i have to keep up with.

here are the kids on easter... pardon the "cracked out" crazy messy mouths - they had chocolate for breakfast! LOL HEY DONT JUDGE ME! it was Easter damn it!

Kay is getting to big turned 18 months on Friday the 13th, the older she gets the more her little personality shows and i tell ya she has got a little "MEAN GIRL" attitude. It's just been here recently so i think she having a growth spurt or just testing the boundaries.  
Currently her favorite things to play with: SHOES and she says "she-ewws"
funny word is "KEY-KACK" that'd be Kitty Cat.
FAVORITE word is NO... and she says it often in her little sassy pants style. no no and shakes her head to reiterate! lol
Her teachers tell me how smart she is and her and one other girl in her class are already talking so well that you can carry on a conversation with them.
She does sign language also - she says more and please all the time. it's pretty cute when she thinks your not paying attention to her and as soon as she gets a glimpse of you getting ready to look at her she is swiping her chest with her hand - saying MORE MORE


Tre is less than a week from turning 5.. yep, i said it, FIVE!! Only 4 short months from starting REAL school and im sure that's just a whole other adventure in its self. I haven't considered him a "baby" for a long time but this whole starting school thing is really pushing my "baby button" he is just so "grown" now and its awesome at the same time as scary that he is getting ready to start school because he is very intelligent and i know he is going to ROCK it out but it's just the feeling of putting your child "out into the world" i know it's school but there are more choices and decisions he will be able to make for him self and it may sound bad but im just not sure he is will make the right choices! We have been having some issues about his decision making skills here recently so im sure the i am glad we have already had our second and final child because i would REALLY be having some baby fever right now.

I recently did some newborn shoots for my photography business and OH MY GOODNESS.... how i LOVE a new fresh baby! the tiny, squishy, warm little bodies, the newborn smell, the velvety skin the teeny tiny little toes and fingers... SWOON! <3
These types of shoots make my ovaries ache... lol i know that's a super weird thing to say but baby fever is nothing to play with. but LIKE I SAID... Kay is our final child... no more, we're DOOOONE MAN... just like those dishes (old school peeps should know what im talking about HINT: "Don't tell mom the babysitters dead")

Mark and i have been trying to work out as much as possible since December... i am pretty sure i have lost somewhere around 5 pounds or something but i know im losing inches because my pants are all fitting a little looser than they use to.

It's an everyday routine, since Tre started Karate too... I wake up, get the kids together, they go to school, i go to work, i work all day, pick the kids up, get home around 530 or so to a husband who is ready to go, i get my gym clothes on while mark gives the kids a snack, we run to the gym and by run i mean we drive! lol in time for my 6pm class, we work out for and hour and a half while the kids play on the playground/kid sitting area and then we go home and eat, take baths and go to bed.

This was the routine monday thru friday - mon, wed and fri for my classes then tues and thurs for tre's karate... ahhh the things we do for our children. But he moved up so fast in his karate class that he is already in the next class up which starts at 645 instead of six so on tues and thurs we get a little break and can eat BEFORE we go to the gym... that IS if Tre even wants to go. For a couple weeks he hasn't wanted to go he would rather play outside with his daddy... which i totally get because the weather is getting nice and it's time to be outside... maybe we'll just keep karate a winter sport. idk.  :o)

Anyway - life is good and yay for that... i hope to update more often but with things going like they have been.. idk. Im sure all FIVE of my readers are going to be terribly upset. :P

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