Monday, December 14, 2009

a Good Helper!

This year for the holidays, it's just a reminder of how big my baby is getting... he has been so helpful this year with thanksgiving and christmas - when i think back of those holidays past, when he was mostly being past around like a lil baby doll on the first one. all over the place on the next but enjoyed eating the wrapping paper and tissue, he somewhat enjoyed opening presents but was terrified of Santa Claus last year... i feel like this is finally the ONE that he will ENJOY... Understand a little better and enjoy it! He helped daddy and me make the turkey for our very first thanksgiving held at our house this year...

He also helped decorate the Christmas tree this year as well, since i had a stomach ache i didnt feel to well - I was feeling fine for a minute, i got the tree up and all the boxes with all the Christmas stuff in them out of storage but as soon as i opened that ornament box... it hit me... i felt like i was going to puke! BLEHH! so he was just pulling ornaments out right and left and putting them on the tree... At First he kept putting the ornaments in and around the same spot, but all on his own and without me telling him to, he started spreading them out throughout the tree. he pretty much got the whole mid and lower section of the tree.

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