Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Love; better than Chocolate Bunnies!

Woke up Easter Sunday at around 8:30ish, Tre was still sleeping so as any mommy would do, I laid with him and just watched him sleep - so cute... looking at all his features and watching his lil eyes n mouth twitch as he dreams away. Excited for him to wake up and get his Easter basket (that i totally skimped on this year). As crafty of a person as I am, I did the unthinkable this year and purchased an already pre-made, pre-filled goofy little $15.00 Easter basket from wal-mart. For some reason i was protesting Easter this year because we didn't do ONE thing that was of tradition. We didn't go to church or brunch with my parents and that is an EVERY year occurrence. We did go to their house and let Tre get his Easter basket and to the other grandparents and let him get his basket there before we went to the zoo... i know... not very easterly of us huh? lol but anyway i digress....
So as I am waiting for my little bundle of LOVE to wake up to tell him the Easter Bunny came to see him he smiles in his sleep and i just MELT - pregnant with another one I am thinking to myself, how in the world am I ever going to love another child as much as I love Tre? Then I felt like a bad mom! lol
So after a few kisses of the forehead and rubbing/tickling his cheek he opens his eyes, closes em, opens em, closes em then opens them sees that I'm looking at him and it must have startled him because his eyes were HUGE and he was kind of trembling but then I smiled at him and he smiled back, closed his eyes, laid his head back down and threw an arm over my neck to grab a big ol hand full of hair and then he says... "I love you"


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