Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Three is the new "E"

Tre had his first Soccer practice Monday night since it was rained out Saturday morning. Mark and I were so excited about it, curious to see how he would do and proud to see that he actually wanted to play and kick the ball.

There was one lil boy there that refused to play wouldn't practice and wouldn't even walk over to where the other kids were. just was NOT interested in it. I am so glad Tre did well and wanted to participate and on top of that he wanted to be first to do everything the coach was asking of the kids. lol he is gonna be just like his dad! Since it was the first gathering of the team we got our socks and jerseys that night also - coach asked what number he wanted and being that he is a third we went for THREE! yeah coach, give us three! so he hands Mark the number 3 shirt and as he passed it off i noticed that it didn't look right... i was looking and looking and duh!! it was upside down! it was an "E" instead of a Three! HAHAHA Someone that does the shirts for the Bullitt County Y done messed up! lol but we thought it was funny! so our kid is gonna be the only LETTER out on the field... GO E!!!


  1. How in the world did the t-shirt people not notice an upside down "3"?!? Ha!

  2. i dont know but now... the child with more nicknames than anyone i know... NOW HAS ANOTHER ONE! haha his soccer coach calls him "E" now!