Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I like that boom boom pow chickens jocking my style song:

Tre loves black eyed peas – so we recently bought him the CD, well I sent Mark to go buy the CD for Tre and when he came back from the store he was bumping some “IMMA BE” I was like REALLY that was supposed to be for THE BABY… he just said OHH, like he didn’t know… yeah right, I know his games!!

So anyway since we bought the CD every time we get in the truck Tre request his song, every time it comes on he says “That MY song” and if I try to sing along with it, he gets all mad and says “NO THAT MY SONG!” lol he is so cute! Boppin his head along with the beat and singing along to his favorite parts. I have taken several video of him boppin and singing and jamming out to some black eyed peas, I’ll have to get them on here soon!

We got Tre’s three year old pics taken last night at wal-mart, I usually get the cheap package at Wal-mart every year because it’s so cheap and they don’t really do that bad of a job and then I go so at least one other place for their little introductory offer and get lots of pics for cheap… hahah I cheat!! :o)

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