Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tre's First Soccer Game

SoTre's first soccer game wasn't as awesome as i thought it would be, judging by the first practice i thought he would be into it and playing alot - i think it took him most of the first part of the game to warm up to the idea - he did score the first goal of the game tho - even though it was for the other team! :o) but im pretty sure it took some bribery to get that out of him. All in all i would say he probably only played about 5 minutes of the game while smiling and enjoying it! here are so pics of the day

You can tell by this pic that he was DONE... didnt want to have anything more to do with it!

he wanted to go play on the play ground so bad and come to find out later nana told him if he would go kick the ball in the net that she would take him to the playground so in this video you can tell he was ready to go to the playground after his goal

then the ref telling him that it's not greys turn to kick the ball just totally busted his bubble... wish she wouldn't have said anything to him cuz he was going after it... would have been great to see him play maybe another 3 mins! LOL owell there is always next week!

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