Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

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The following photos are of my family - these are the top 11 of my favs.

11. The first photo i took of my little boy that i felt had professional quality. Obviously it's "over edited" but i was just starting out and well... i dont have to explain how NEW photogs can get when getting use to editing and learning new skills.

10. my family SOOC- taken at Red River Gorge - Mark and I use to make several trips a year to this area and do primitive camping, until we "almost died" while camping one memorial weekend - then we had kids! 

9. SOOC - i love this photo for the expression on his face, we were at the KY State fair and dad just won him this HUGEMONGOUS sword and he thought it was the coolest thing in the world, for a moment!

8. My babies SOOC, they were both in Cousin Stephanies wedding at Hubers in Indiana and they were just looking too darn cute and i had to snap a few photos of them all fancied up. They do a good job posing and ROCKED it out for the Photogs doing the wedding.

7. SOOC -The day after Thanksgiving, while getting our Christmas decor out, all Tre could talk or think about was our OVERSIZED santa hat it's about 7ft long. He was so happy when we finally got to it he ran around like a crazy man for 20 minutes after we found it.

6. SOOC- Tre at his finest... playing!! Love the expression on his face because you KNOW he is having a good time. I mean seriously, would you even have to ASK if he is having the time of his life?

5. My first mini session with my baby girl - she is 10 months old in this photo and it was the first time i really took a moment with my brand new "professional" camera and made some great photos of my baby girl. at this point, i still had no clue what i was doing with it, i was just pushing the button and hoping for the best. they turned out pretty good but i love the reaching for me that she is doing here.

4. The very first day i brought my new camera home... taking pictures of this one is like cat n mouse, you have to bribe or it's not going to work. but he must have known i NEEDED to shoot because he did really good and let me take at least 12 photos that day. i love this one because you can see his long lashes and for some drama i went with a black and white conversion.

3. My beautiful baby girl on Christmas day - this pic is a fav because she just looks so dang on BIG *cries*

2. SOOC- I believe this is the first family photo we have of us after the one that was taken in the hospital - this is me n my family on Kaylins special day. Being baptized!

1. Its interesting that i call myself a photographer and i find myself anxious at the thought of a "session" with my own kids. i can run and play and be totally understanding when clients children run and don't want to sit still, i have NO PROBLEM chasing and playing and making a game out of it. But when it comes to my OWN children... i have NO PATIENCE and it just seems like so much work. Maybe because i have to be the parent AND the photographer i dont know what the reasons are but i wish i could figure it out because being the beaming proud momma that i am i feel like i have the cutest kids in the world of course and they should be shot... LOL love the play on words but i mean shot with a camera :o)


  1. Awwww. Really cute shots. I love the last one. So sweet.

  2. I think most people are in the same boat finding it a little easier to be patient photographing other people's children then our own. I shared one of my most humbling experiences photographing my kids on my blog about a year ago which is why my logo is a silhouette shot of my daughter. Your children are darling and I'm so happy to see you in two of the photos! Thank you for linking up! Try not to be too scared to do you own kids sessions :O)

  3. It is so nice to meet you. I am a Kentucky girl too! I lived there for the first 28 years of my life, before moving to Florida with my husband. When I read Red River Gorge I got soooo excited, because I grew up in Eastern KY.

    At any rate, I can relate to the whole photog thing. It is a blast, but can be very intimidating.

    Your children are beautiful and I love their red outfits....great choice.

  4. Hi there. Found you through mom tog. That 4th photo of your babies are super cute. Just beautiful.

  5. Thank you Sarah

    Courtney: im not that scared to do my own children per say... but more like, i know it will be overwhelmingly aggrivating so i tend to avoid doing both of them at the same time, i will work on it tho as well as having more mom shots in 2012.

    Amber: thanks for your comment and YAY a KY girl... i seen your a UK fan as well, BOO! lol j/k you know the BIG GAME is coming up this weekend, im sure you can guess which team i'll be rooting for. :o) nice to meet you OH and i am following your blog now too.

    Small burst: thank you for your comment.

  6. Lovely photographs and a beautiful family. Happy New Year

  7. thank you henzy :o) happy new year to you as well.