Friday, January 13, 2012

Your baby can read

You know your baby can read? Yeah... we have that video system... it was too boring for Tre - by the time we got it for him he was already into Elmo and Sesame Street so that was just too drab for him to sit and watch repetitive screens and words.
BUT he is only 4 months away from being 5 and is learning to read. For the longest time he has known all the sounds that the letters make, vowels were always particularly tricky but he knew at least the short sound to most. He told me over the weekend that he could spell play. i said ok how do you spell it... he said puh, P...ell, L... aye, A... what do you think comes next? i said you tell me, you told me you could spell it, he thought for a moment or maybe he was testing me to see if i would give him the answer but then he says... im gonna think it's a Y. WOW THAT WAS AWESOME! applauded applause for my baby genius! LOL j/k
So YEAH my 4 year old spelled PLAY! whoo hoo... i was then of course quizzing him on all the words he knows how to spell and he has all the 2 letter words i could think of down pat and the 3 letter words and he gets the rhyme (change the first letter to make a new word) concept. So my boy is well on his way to actual reading!! I am so proud of him.

He is also a writing fool - he writes random things like anytime he has free time he is writing in his notebook, his name and mom and nana and more of his name and then proceeds to copy every word in sight and then comes to ask me what it says, says being with a long A sound lol i love that because he gives me that "my little baby" feel. but generally i correct him intently when he says words wrong. Like that 2 equals 2 is 4 thing... oh my gawsh that makes me nuts! but at least he is getting the fact that if you have 2 items and add a certain amount you get a new number... he is so quick to catch on to things, SMART, like his daddy.

My little boogey is 15 months today!! Friday the 13th and boogey turns 15 months, right along side my little brother who turns 15 today! but i digress.. my little kay bug is getting so big and her opinion is just as big if not bigger... she has been cutting so big teeth for a while now and make me CRAZY in the process... how come Tre cut teeth and i never even KNEW about it and when Kay does EVERYONE knows!! lol SO not like her brother, not that i expected her to be... i actually knew she was going to be more opinionated and not as laid back because 1 she is a FEMALE and 2 she is child 2! She is a mess tho - i wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. Love that squishy little eating fool to death... and those big blue eyes combined with those big kissable/punchable cheeks of hers i mean how can anyone resist her?? i think she needs to be on toddlers and tiaras, even tho we dont do pageants... my kid is BEAUTIFUL!!

PS Happy birthday bro - you will never know how much you truly mean to me.


  1. That is amazing how well your four year old spells/reads.

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm so looking forward to the level of dependency decreasing. :)