Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's not the weekend!

Cuteness and monster noises have been happening at the Arms household!

Kaylin does this grr sound that is super funny only because when you repeat the sound she laughs hysterically like you just poked her rib or something. So cute... I wish I had video to share! IDEA!

So yesterday on the way to school Tre got upset with me and was pouting about something trivial and Kaylin looks over at him and "grrrrr" at first Tre just rolled his eyes, trying not to laugh and said "sissster" and looked away. she did it again and Tre said... "you wearin me out sister!" which I thought was funny n I laughed and then she did it again to him which this time made him react the way she wanted and he laughed and grrr'd back!

Just a few moments before that Tre had called his pawpaw to wish him happy birthday and he was talking and I heard him tell pawpaw it's not the weekend.. didn’t think anything of it and when I got on the phone to talk to nana she said pawpaw asked Tre if he wanted to come over for some birthday cake tonight and Tre told him no pawpaw it's not the weekend. LOL my kid is so cute with his grown up reasoning and understanding of things.

I think Tre got beat up for the first time :o(

I am very, I don’t even know the emotion I was having... at first I was like... well that's just what boys do but then when Tre told me the details of what happened I was PISSED!

I took both the kids to the gym with me last night so that Mark could work some OT and not have to worry about the kids and what they are destroying or who just fell off what. Dropped em off at the child care at the gym for a buck each and went to my cardio combat class for an hour and a half. When I came back to pick them up and go home the sitter was holding Tre's hand and walking with him while he had the other hand in his mouth crying. not just a regular old cry but a hyperventilating type of cry. So I asked him what is wrong and he said that some kid kicked him right here and pointed to his penis. I said someone kicked you right there? was it an accident? he said no so I tried to take him and calm him down and get sister at the same time and when the culprit was put in time out for his wrong doings I realized, this kid is like 4 inches smaller than Tre... what's he got, LITTLE MAN SYNDROM already!?!?! So here I am 32 years old with my two babies in my lap mean muggin a 3 or 4 year old and thinking GOOD you get what you get what you deserve you little shit head, because he was crying that he was getting a time-out. LOL ughh my life. So we leave and get in the car on the way home I am grilling him like what happened and why did he do that and what'd you do and all that jazz. He tells me he was watching a little boy play Mario cart and the boy didn’t want him to watch him and all he was doing was watching and then he got "punched" in the eye (looked more like a scratch) and he said he "turned his head" like this and hurt his neck which when demonstrated looked like he was trying to break his neck... then he kicked him in the ding ding... I mean SERIOUSLY!! All just for wanting to watch a video game... yea that just switched me over to flaming hot... I was pissed. I told Tre that if that happened again I wanted him to come back and hit him harder... he said ok mom I also said I don’t ever... EVER want him to START a fight but he better finish that crap!

on to less stressful events... Kaylin likes when you smell her feet and act like you’re going to throw up! HAHAHA her big ol belly laugh is awesome and I swear I could smell her little "popcorn butter" smelling toes for hours and she would continue to laugh hysterically! must have video of that too!

and here is my little boogie sleeping - this is my project 52 with the chic critique forms... thought i'd share :o)

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